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Our Classic Collection is designed to be timeless and will outlast any fashion trends. These functional bags will become your long-lasting companion  in your daily life. All Classic bags are made with vegetable tanned, eco-friendly leather with a slightly pull up effect. The leather used for our bags is getting more beautiful and softens over time.


Men’s Bags

Functionality is the main focus of our Men’s Bag Collection: Casual style messenger bags and satchels, which fulfill all needs of today´s business men. The larger sized bags have special laptop compartments, an extra zipper underneath the closing flab and a variety of zipper pockets to keep your valuables safe. The Men’s Bag Collection is available in our Classic vegetable tanned pull up or Vintage leather.



The up-to-date designs of our Fashion Collection especially appeals to the younger generation, who are ready to embrace the beauty of our eco-friendly Vintage leather. The styles are stripped back to basic, pure and simple designs. The open edge stitching and a variety of pure leather bags, without inner lining, put the emphasis of this collection on the high quality material, which is used to create these bags: our Vintage leather, which has a special soft touch to it and comes in many fashionable colors to choose from.


About Sasa Design

Sasa Design is a leather bag company based in Yogyakarta Indonesia since 1998. With our team of skilled bag makers, we are creating high quality, long lasting bags with timeless designs. All our bags are made from vegetable tanned leather and our designs focus on functionality and simplicity. By keeping the designs simple, we want to empathize on the beauty of natural leather. Besides doing our own collection we are also proud to do collaborations within concepts, design and production. Our clients within this field might have an idea to be created, a specific design to be visualized or need their own designs produced with high quality materials.

We can help with all of the steps mentioned above. Feel free to contact us!

Team SASA Design


Our Leather

Our genuine full grain cow leather is vegetable tanned.

All ingredients used in the tannery process are from natural origin.

This makes the leather eco friendly and shows natural marks on the surface of the leather which, combined by keeping the designs simple, empathizes the authentic natural leather look.

The natural tannery process results in a slight two tone color effect and will develop a patina over time, making the leather even more beautiful.

Our Showrooms

Visit us in one of our Showrooms! We are currently operating two Shops in the South of Yogyakarta, where you can have a look at our newest collections. If you would like to meet us to talk about possible collaborations, please contact us in advance.

Showroom Kasongan

Monday - Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Jl. Kasongan km 0,1 - Bantul - Yogyakarta

Showroom Manding

Tuesday - Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Bantul - Yogyakarta


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